About Us

Our love of Radio Controlled Cars started many years ago when Off-Road Racing was held out at Rose Cottage Raceway, Canberra.  For over 30 years the love affair has continued with us now being involved in On-Road racing on the weekends.

Throughout the time that we have been involved in the sport, our love of racing has continued to grow. However our frustration at not being able to locally source the essentials needed for each racing weekend over the years has grown, the result being the birth of our company, Essential RC.

We strongly believe in the importance of being able to shop within Australia to find the small items you need to keep you racing, and when you can’t find those essential items it can lead to you missing out on race weekends.

In order to keep racing, and enjoying the sport you need to have the essential gear, so here at Essential RC we aim to provide you with the essential items that are vital to keeping you on the track each weekend!

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